Tillbaka till hemsidan

Some things for you to wear :)

I hope you will have a connection with at least one of my products, and when it touches your heart, and make you smile, you will decide to share this feeling with others, by ordering it, and wearing it proud!

Please check the designs carefully, some of them has hidden note or picture ....... :)

Products available:

Paris man t shirt: 90

Hoodie buddha: 100

T-shirt for everyone, buddha: 120

Buddha women t shirt: 100

Buddha women bomber: 100

Buddha + qoute: 120

Paris flip-dlop: 100

STHLM slippers: 100

Dala horse slippers: 120

Stadshuset t shirt: 100

Paris women t shirt: 100

Girls leggings dala horse: 120

Dala horse mask: 150

hemsida av Bags of Love SE